Editors’ comments

Your aim as a writer is not only to give editors the right words. You also need to provide them in the right quantity and format to minimise the input required from them to publish your work.

Get it right and editors will love you and, more importantly, they will want to use you again. I got it right for these editors:

‘That’s excellent. Nicely written and you’ve hit the style spot on which saves a lot of time!’ Jim Stewart, Publisher, Football Weekends magazine, on receiving my Malaga article.

‘I love what you have done with this piece . . . Thank you so much for getting this through and again, I think you have done a wonderful job.’ Angela Cushnie, Editor, Latitude magazine, on receiving my Challenging Times for Women in Canterbury article.

‘Thank you very much for your Mt Sinai story. I enjoyed it greatly and would like to include it in the next Journal section.’ Matt Phillips, Editor, Travel Africa magazine, on receiving my Snow on Sinai story.


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